Following topics are covered

Unit-1: Delocalized Chemical Bonding 

Generation, Structure, Stability and Reactivity of Carbocations

Unit-2 : Five And Six Membered Heterocycles Containing One Hetero Atom 

Unit – 3 : Aromaticity 

Unit - 4 Complex Organic Molecules 

Unit - 6 : Stereochemical Principles 

Unit 7 Optical activity in the absence of chiral carbon 

Unit-8: Aliphatic Nucleophilic Substitution 

Unit-9: The SNi mechanism 

Unit-10 : Addition to Carbon-Carbon Multiple Bonds 

Unit-13: Elimination Reactions 

Unit - 14 Oxidation And Reduction 

Unit-15 : Reactive Intermediates 

Unit-16 : Molecular Rearrangements 

Unit -17 : Phosphorus Nitrogen and Sulphur Ylides and Stereochemistry of compounds containig Phosphorus Sulphur and Nitrogen 

Unit–18: Addition to Carbon Hetero Multiple bonds, addition of Grignard Reagent, Organozinc, organocopper and organolithium reagent to carbonyl and unsaturated carbonyl compounds 

Unit-19 : Conformational analysis of Acyclic Molecules 

Unit–20: Introduction to electromagnetic radiation 

Unit - 21 Vibrational Spectroscopy 

Unit - 22 Nuclear Magnetic Resonance 

Unit - 23 : Mass Spectrometry 

Unit - 24 : Organic photochemistry

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